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Looking for a photographer or videographer in Auckland? We work everywhere from the North Shore to South Auckland and from West Auckland to East

Your event Photography & Videography is the only investment from your special day that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Professional photographer & videographer for your event are investments that not only remain long after, but they will both increase in value to you as the years go by.

Cameras have become so cheap nowadays that anyone can buy a camera and start taking photos, but it is said "The Mind behind the camera works" So don’t risk blurry shots, shaky camera work or missed video opportunities. Hire the professional! There is nothing like a professionally produced video to capture all the emotions, sights and sounds of your special day. Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday party or any other special function Photos & Videos professionally produced by VK Photovision in Auckland, will forever capture the laughs, tears of joy and tender moments of your special day.

With our comprehensive professional wedding photography and videography packages in Auckland, VK Photovision gives you the ability to revisit this pre wedding photography important day in your life long after it’s over and share it with children, grandchildren or other special people in the future.

Whether it is a Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday party or any other special function, you spend weeks planning your special event(s) to make it perfect and's over. And all that is left are memories. That is why it's so important to have a Photographer and a Videographer capture the magical moments of your special event, so you can relive them over and over.


Weddings photography and cinematography are our specialty

An event is a memorable occasion in the lifetime of a person. Everyone eagerly waits for this very special day when they will be treated like a king or a queen. As such, the person would want this special occasion to be captured by the camera forever. This is where your wedding photographer comes in the picture. It is very important that you choose your wedding photographer very carefully. If you’re looking for the best and affordable wedding photographer in Auckland, look no further.


Choosing the right wedding videographer can do more than just document the day, the video camera can be used to tell a story. You will treasure the story and memories of your Special day for years to come. Videos are moving memories that you and your family will treasure forever.

We are also fully licensed to do aerial photography and drone video services so you are assured we will do the job to the highest professional standard.

When it comes to functions, people end up spending a lot of money to book the venue and for decorations, food and music including a DJ, etc. But they disregard getting photos and videos done professionally in a bid to save on expenses.


However, decorations serve only to highlight that particular night; the guests enjoy the music and dance for the duration of the evening and then leave; they also only remember the wonderful food for a week and then forget what was on the menu. But the photographs taken and video recording of the event constitute memories of a lifetime and will continue to be with them for many years, to be cherished and shared with others.


Special moments captured through photos & videos can never be duplicated in life again! But it will be a pleasure to see them over & over again & will abide in the home for generations.

Aerial drone shot
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