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Question:  How much do you charge?

Answer:  This is a very generic wide question. Our packages and pricing differ from client to client, according to specific needs, budget & requirements. It's like asking, how much do a house cost? Well, a house can cost anywhere between half a million to 50 million depending on what your requirements are. Similarly, depending on what your request is, we calculate the cost for you and provide you a free quote.


Question:  What details do you need to provide a quote?

Answer:  If you can provide us with the below details would be helpful to provide a proper quote.
a) function dates (all days if more than one day)

b) approx timings (for all days)

c) Do you need photo or video or both etc?

d) Do you need DJ or bridal make up included as well?


Question:  What do we need to make a booking?
Answer:  After you have received a quote from us, and would then like to book our services, we would ask for some details from you to prepare an official contract and require 50% deposit to secure the booking.


Question:  How soon do we need to book?

Answer:  As soon as possible once you are satisfied with the quote. You never know if someone else would like to book us at the same time on the same function date(s) as yours. Our bookings are first come first book basis. So we suggest, do not hold on to the last minute.

Question:  Do you shoot alone or have someone with you?
Answer:  We have around 10 people in our team (i.e photographers, videographers/cinematographers, DJ etc) 

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